As we continue to navigate the daily changes of the Coronavirus, and the impact to our industry, please know that personal safety is always at the center of our decisions.

Like many other companies are making realtime adjustment to best accommodate all of our customers needs. Unfortunately, we now have a "no-backorder practice" in effect on items that have reached a peak of demand. Those are items related to disposable respirators, all hand cleaning and sanitizing products and eye protection goggles.

This practice has been created so that we can respectfully control our inventory and business operations. Product disruptions will certainly diminish, and at that time, we will be able to release this practice.

This is an unprecedented time for all of us and we appreciate your continued support and all that you do to be a champion of safety at your place of business. Together we will succeed, and thank you for joining our vision of working together to make America safe.

Our Company COVID-19 Response Protocol

Safety Products Inc has implemented an aggressive set of new policies and procedures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In an ongoing attempt to make sure all our employees stay safe and healthy we have conducted training on the virus in accordance with the CDC and WHO. 

Our return-to-work policy mandates that every employee must enter through a check point each day where we have a nurse check temperatures, have each employee fill out and sign a medical questionnaire regarding any signs or symptoms they may have, and walk through a disinfecting pool to clean the soles of their shoes. In addition, we have implemented a daily disinfecting policy for all work areas to include high touch areas. 

 All Safety Products Inc employees have been trained and are able to conform with all of their conditions for making deliveries or visiting onsite. We can provide assistance on evaluations and recommendations for our customers to help aid them in getting their place of business ready to reopen or make the changes necessary to keep their employees safe. 

Safety Resources and Articles of Interest


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